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Hello and a warm welcome to
Stockholm Swimrun 2017!

It’s less than a week to start, and yes we are looking forward to the raceday.


Open 09:00–14:00, it's recommended to obtain yours as soon as possible.


  • Race area opens 09:00
  • Race meeting 10:00
  • Lunch opens 11:00
  • Start Sprint 11:00
  • Start Generation 11:05
  • Ceremony Sprint 12:45
  • Ceremony Generation 12:53
  • Lunch closes 13:00
  • Race meeting 13:00
  • Sprint & Generation time limit 13:30
  • Start Full Distance 14:00
  • First finishers Full Distance 16:30
  • Dinner starts 16:30
  • Ceremony Full Distance 17:00
  • Final hour start 18:00

Please note that the Racemeeting is mandatory. During the meeting we will present the track (some parts more thorough) and safety regulations. This is for your safety and to let you optimize your race.


The track is easy to run, just follow red and white tape and orange arrows. Every kilometer is marked by a flag.

You will find the course on our site:

To the raceday make a couple of visits to our Facebookpage as thats where we will publish any changes or other useful information about the race.


For all of you wishing to cheer below are a couple of what we think are the most accesible and enjoyable places. Our tip is that you bring along a bike to be able to catch the runners at more places.
The times below are what we appreciate the fastest team to be on each location and if you follow a specific team please talk with the team beforehand to make a somewhat own appreciation of their speed.

  1. Stora Skuggan. Start- and finisharea, the start is at 14:00 for the Full Distance and 11:00 for the Sprint and 11:05 for Generation! The arena is behind Stockholm University and close to Stora Skuggans Wärdshus (Stora skuggans väg).
  2. Värdshuset Kräftan, Kräftriket. Passing between 14.30 – 15.30.
  3. Koppartälten café. Passing between 15.00 – 16.30.
  4. Ulriksdals Slottscafé. Passing between 15.30 – 17.00.
  5. Bockholmen. Passing between 16.00 – 18.00.
  6. And back to Stora Skuggan to catch the finish. Klockan 16.30 – 18.30.

Around 16.45 we appreciate the first team to finish, be on site and cheer them on! Final hour starts 18.30 and we hope that you stay and cheer for the ones who deserves it the most! And don’t miss the prize ceremony. Food and drinks will be possible to buy on site.


Lunch is sponsored by Arla, a lighter lunch of bread and butter, nuts and youghurt
Dinner is a chili with nacho chips and a beer 2,8 %


To get to Stockholm Swimrun is easy. To get away from any problems of not finding a parkingspace we would be more than happy if you leave your car at home, thank you in advance!

The best way to get to the race is by subway, red line nr 14 to Mörby Centrum, get off at Universitetet. You can also get here by Roslagsbanan or bus 40, 70, 540, 670 and 676 which all pass Universitetet. For more information:

From Universitetet it’s a 10 min walk.


You’ll find more maps and info on our website.


Here is a reminder of whats what regarding your equipment:

Obligatory Equipment

  • Wetsuit – It is not allowed to have a 2-piece and preferably have short arms and legs. The wetsuit must be able to withstand temperatures from 12 degrees Celsius.
  • Easy accessible whistle (one per person)

Voluntary Equipment

  • Terrain shoes / Running shoes that don’t suck up to much water
  • Swimming glasses
  • Water bottle or camelback, especially if it’s warm weather
  • Fins, maximum length 15 cm but which kind is up to you
  • First aid kit
  • Handpaddle
  • Pull buoy
  • Floatingdevices max: 100cm x 60 cm
  • Elastic towing rope
  • Energybars and drinks

All other types of equipment than listed above must be approved by the registration office in good time before 12:00.


To maintain a good level of security there are certain places listed below that you must pass before the listed time. Teams that haven’t been able to make the cut time will be taken of the track and are not allowed to stay in the race.

  • Kräftriket - 16.10 (Checkpoint and Cut-off by the drinkstation)
  • Lings Grav - 17.20 (Cut-off before entering the swimming distance)
  • Uggleviken - 18.30 (Cut-off before entering the swimming distance)
  • Final Hour - 18.00 - 19.00 (The Finish)


There is a bagdrop in the arena, you will receive a token when you give your bag to the bagdrop. Any lost tokens will result in waiting to closing before you are able to get your bag. Any unclaimed items will be kept at Team Nordic Trail, Stora Skuggans Väg 13 for two weeks then given to charity.

And once again a warm welcome to
Stockholm Swimrun 2017